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1998 Incidents

Johnson's Ridge Fire

Hubbard Fire


Great Falls Staging, September, 1998

Fire "incident" alludes WIMT; team members make the best of it

Great Falls, Mont.- When the Washington Incident Management Team was dispatched Saturday, September 5 to the Lewis & Clark National Forest, most team members thought they were heading out to one of the worst fires of the '98 season in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Instead, the team, which is under the direction of incident commander Dave Johnson of the Olympic National Forest in Western Washington, drove past the raging fires near Missoula and ended up in the O'Haire Motel overlooking the Missouri River "breaks country" that surrounds great Falls, Mont. The team was being staged until it was assigned by Regional fire managers to a fire incident.

Team members immediately made the best of their situation by visiting local landmarks such as the famous Missouri River Falls where Meriwether Lewis stood pointing toward the Rockies. There, Johnson also pointed toward the Rockies and gave his staff strong direction to head that way toward the burning fires.

Shortly after arriving the team began managing the staging and assignment of fire crews and other fire personnel from Montana (team picture, left).









1998 WIMT stages fire crews, including this one (below) from the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana.


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