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Team Schedule

2018 Standby Dates   https://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/content/products/intelligence/teams.pdf

Week runs 0800 Tuesday to 0759 following Tuesday

Note the following:  

  • Rule of Thumb:  When a team is dispatched, the team that becomes the UP TEAM will be the team scheduled to be the UP TEAM two Tuesdays ahead in the schedule.  For example, if Team 4 is dispatched on August 25, Team 2 becomes the UP TEAM for the remainder of the week.

  • In the event a decision is made to place two teams in UP TEAM status, the second team will be the team scheduled to become the UP TEAM two Tuesdays ahead.  For example:  On September 29, Team 4 is UP Team, if it is decided to put a second team up, Team 2 also becomes an UP Team effective September 29.

  • A team returning from an incident goes to the bottom of the rotational team dispatch list, which may modify this published schedule at a later date.

  • Refer to NWC 22.9B general operating procedures.



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