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NorthWest Interagency Incident Management Team #13
(former) Washington Incident Management Tean #4

Team Members 2015 - Vancouver Team Training

The NorthWest Interagency Incident Management Team #13 is a "Type 2" organization comprised of 57 government and private professionals from the states of Oregon and Washington. The team's primary responsibility is ensuring the health and safety of the public and incident personnel. The team provides leadership, supervision and strategic planning services to help fight fires or deal with other disasters.

The team provides essential services at or near an incident so that those involved can focus on the job of protecting lives and property. Some of these essential services include providing food, sanitation, equipment, communication and transportation.

One of the many functions of an incident management team is to process payments for contractual agreements and payroll for ground personnel. Another is providing information services about the incident to media, communities and incident personnel.

Incident management teams have specialists who manage air traffic, evaluate weather and safety conditions, and coordinate activities with other agencies. In 2015, approximately 10 team members are trainees who are learning the roles and responsibilities of their position while being directly supervised by qualified and certified personnel.



























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For national information:
National Interagency Fire Center
or call 208-387-5050